At Jungshina Primary School, we believe in academic excellence. Students come with a wide range of interests, talents and abilities. It is the responsibility of the school to provide a platform for students to discover their talents and develop their potential.

The school tries to match the practice with our potential, to search for excellence to be acquired because we are performing at our best. We desire to achieve excellence on a large scale, so we are developing the habit in the details along the way. All the teachers believe that there is no limit to what we can attain with ongoing, continuous progress toward excellence.


Literary activities of the school will be posted to get comments from parents and other for further improvement. Also keep track of the literary activities for the children in the school.


Reading is one of the prime activity of the school, So, all the reading activities held in the school will be posted weekly to make aware of the parents that how effective their children reads weekly.


We know that wholesome education is much more important for the over all development of the children in the school but examination is pivotal transit for the children to excel in their career.So,examination related activities will be posted for check and balance of the their children’s performance.

  • Examination Time table
  • Examination question papers
  • Consolidated mark sheet

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