Parents’ Forum

Parental engagement has become a priority in the school. The school ensures that parents are involved as an integral part of their child’s learning and that their views inform school improvement arrangements. The school wished to improve parents’ perceptions of school life and help raise educational aspirations.

The key was developing a strategy to envelop trust and build relationships. The school feels reaching out to families allow our school to work in partnership with parents and look at any schooling issues a pupil might have in a different light.

The school will discuss with parents the best way to identify and incorporate their views in shaping the direction of the school. This will create new opportunities to extend invitations for parents to meet on a regular basis to discuss matters of school and offer their opinions. It will be a good opportunity to seek the views of parents and develop a stronger partnership with them.

Aims and Objectives:

  • develop and improve a dialogue between parents and school
  • the school continue to make improvements
  • improve staff awareness of the needs of the pupils, and
  • raise the profile of the school in the wider community.

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