School Emblem

Green Circle

The emblem is in a circular form indicating that there is beginning and an end but they have to depend on each other in the same circle. The green back ground of the circle signifies that this school will sustain progressively and be ever green.

Black Mortarboard or Cap:

Academic apparel Cap indicates that the school is aspiring for Academic excellence and produce inspired graduates. Graduation is a tradition of incredible meaning and value, and one of the most important, visible representations of successful school every year. The entire school community celebrates, and each individual shares in the pride and emotion of a graduate’s journey. Fringes indicate that knowledge and wisdom can be in minute forms where it can be imparted and spread as per the standard or potential of the learners.

Blue Background:

The blue colour represents ocean which has immeasurable wealth and unfathomable depth. So, the blue indicates that the school consists of jewels of knowledge and wisdom as everyone is born with innate power and ability.

Yellow letter/scripts and stars:

Yellow letters says the school’s authority is representative of His Majesty the king, and like His Majesty’s presence, the school’s authority cannot be underestimated.

Dungkar (Conch):

Dungkar (Conch) The right-whorled conch represents common and the left Ratna (jewel or gemstone). Literally, they symbolise the sound of dharma and purity of speech. They also represent the fame and reputation the school wishes to gain. Therefore, the pair of conch in the emblem stand for spreading education far and wide, gaining popularity of school across the world in the field of quality education, knowledge and wisdom.

The Norbu (three precious jewels):

The Norbu, three precious jewels, are the three main energisers of education in the country. They are the representative of students, parents and teachers (school). They are interdependent and their union brings strength and wisdom. So, they are going to work together and amplify the development of the school like the flames shown around the three jewels.

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