School Profile

The name of school is derived from the name of the village in which it is located, Jungshina. It is located below the Samtenling Gate or at the confluence of Samtenling and Pamtsho-Dechenling highway. Though construction was started since 2012, the school formally opened on Sunday 23 February, 2014, with the one academic building as per the need of the community. It was formally consecrated by the venerable Ponlo Rinpoche and it was in need of his support being newly constructed school in our local belief. It was coordinated and consecrated under the dynamic leadership of Mr Sangay Dorji, Principal, who is the founder of this school. Initially, the school had 11 teachers, including the Principal, and 210 students studying in classes ranging from pre-primary to Class VI. As per the Thromde administration, the school was initially proposed as a high school and acquired 3.26 acres of land from different people in the locality. The school believes that the compact wholesome education is must to bring out best in each child. The school highly regards the child rights. The school believes that the quality of relationship among teachers and parents is crucial for its success in many areas. Hence, the school also promotes community participation by celebrating special occasions jointly and the School Management Board members are given full power to formulate unique school development plans.

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